English Labrador Vs American Labrador

English Labrador Vs American Labrador

If you’re looking to add a new family member to your household, you should consider the differences between an English Labrador and an American Labrador. The two breeds require different amounts of time, energy, and entertainment. In addition to the physical similarities between both breeds, each breed has its own health problems. Learn more about these differences in this article.

Differences between English and American Labradors

Despite their similar appearance, English and American Labradors are quite different. The breeds were developed in different places with different goals in mind. In the UK, they were bred for hunting and working, while in the US, they were bred for showing. There are some important differences between the two, and it is important to understand the differences between them.

English Labs are generally taller and stockier than their American counterparts. Their heads are also longer and narrower than their American cousins. The difference in body type is due to their varied hunting habits. American Labs are typically a bit less athletic and do not have as much energy, while English Labs are more active. Both are great companions, but English Labs are much easier to train than their American counterparts.

English Labradors are more muscular and have a thicker hair coat. They are smaller than their American counterparts, which makes them ideal for working situations. Despite their differences, both breeds are friendly, affectionate, and eager to please their human companions. Both breeds love to play, but they can be difficult to train. Since 1940, breeders have favored different characteristics in their dogs. For example, English Labs were used as show dogs, while American Labs were bred to be able to work and play.

Another difference between American and English Labradors is their temperament. While the English Labradors are generally mellower and more calm, their American counterparts are much more excitable and energetic. They are also more likely to chew toys and enjoy being on the go. They are both excellent companions for active families.


An English Labrador possesses a more stocky build than its American cousin. Their short legs, deep barrel chests, and thick necks contribute to their stockiness. The English Labrador is also known for its long, thick tail, called an otter tail. Like an otter, the Labrador uses its tail to propel itself when swimming. In contrast, the American Labrador is generally shorter and leaner.

The differences between English and American Labradors stem in part from the countries in which they were bred. Their hunting habits varied. In Britain, the breed was bred to be quiet and easy-going, while in America, it was bred for hunting purposes. Both English and American Labs are working dogs and show dogs, but their physical traits were adapted to suit their purpose.

The two breeds are similar in size and appearance, but their temperaments differ. The English Labrador is slightly smaller and stockier. The American version is generally more active and athletic, and is known for good family relationships. Both varieties of Labrador Retrievers require good training and exercise.

The English Labrador has a more laid back personality and is more suited to older owners. On the other hand, American Labrador Retrievers are high-energy dogs that love to hike, swim, and run agility courses. Like Mini Australian Shepherds, American Labs need constant exercise. Their enthusiasm is one of the main reasons they are popular among active families.

The English Labrador is often less active and prone to obesity. However, the American Lab has longer legs and is built more for hunting. Both breeds are very friendly, but the English Lab is more suited for a family environment. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the differences between the two breeds cannot be ignored.


If you’re considering getting a Labrador, you might be wondering which size is right for you. While the American and English Labradors are both medium-sized dogs, they differ slightly in their energy levels. American Labs are known to be more active than their English counterparts. However, if you have an active lifestyle and don’t mind investing in a large, energetic dog, the English Lab may be the better choice.

The differences between English and American Labrador size result from their history of breeding. English Labradors were originally bred for different purposes. During hunting and dog shows, they were larger and stockier. They didn’t need to be as athletic or have the same endurance as the American Labs. In recent years, however, both types of Labradors are bred for their unique characteristics.

While the American and English Labradors are similar in size, English Labs are typically taller. The American variety starts at about 21 inches tall and can reach 24.5 inches. The American Labrador tends to weigh between sixty and ninety pounds. They’re also typically heavier than their English cousins, so keep this in mind when comparing the two breeds.

In spite of their different sizes, English and American Labs share the same temperament and personality. They both make wonderful pets. They’re both happy with children, tolerate rough treatment, and are equally devoted to their owners. The differences between them are minimal and often undetectable to the untrained eye.

English labradors are generally larger, with barrel chests and a longer, wider tail than their American counterparts. The English labs are more stable and “solid”-looking, whereas the American labs are athletic and shorter.

Health problems

The English Labrador dog breed is known for its traditional looks. They are more gentle than the American Labrador and are often easier to train, particularly for inexperienced dog owners. However, there are certain health issues that both Labrador breeds can suffer from, so it’s important to know more about each type before making the decision to get one for your home.

Both American and English Labradors can suffer from heart disorders and certain eye diseases. Both breeds are prone to progressive retinal atrophy, which is caused by a defect in the eye’s underlying muscles. Similarly, both breeds are susceptible to canine lymphoma.

Despite their similarities in appearance, the two breeds are very different in terms of temperament. While both breeds are incredibly obedient, the English are more passive and sensitive to emotions, while the American are more trainable and amenable. This makes them more suitable for families who love to spend a lot of time together.

An important distinction between the two breeds is how they’re used. While both are capable of providing excellent companionship and a wonderful family pet, the American version is primarily used for work purposes. It’s often used to assist people with disabilities, which makes it an ideal choice for a service dog.

The English Labrador breed is smaller and leaner, whereas the American breed is taller and has a more athletic build. They also tend to have thicker legs and a shorter muzzle than the English breed. The American Labrador also tends to have a more rounded, plumper body.


If you’re interested in a Labrador, you should consider the differences between an English and an American Labrador. American Labradors are more commonly used as hunting dogs, while English Labradors are primarily show dogs. Despite the differences, both breeds are the same dog and have similar characteristics.

One major difference between American and English Labradors is their appearance. The English Labrador has a larger head and tail and tends to be a little stockier. English Labs are typically more relaxed and calm, while their American counterparts are more athletic.

Many people choose a pet based on color. This is not always the case, as color does not affect behavior. A black dog does not necessarily produce only black puppies, and almost all Labs today carry recessive genes of another color. While color does affect a Lab’s appearance, it doesn’t determine whether it will be a good pet.

An American Labrador has a longer life expectancy and is often more active than an English Labrador. They tend to be calmer but do require a good deal of exercise. An English Labrador’s life expectancy is about as short as half that of an American Lab. An American Lab’s lifespan can be anywhere from seven to nine years, depending on how active it is.

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